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My hormones mixed with depression really bring me down sometimes. Maybe a list will help. Who knows. And yes, I know that my stuff will seem very little compared to some other folks' problems... it's just that I've gotten really bad lately and need to think.

BTW, I have a Blogger ...erhm... blog, which I've been using much more than this one. It's now the "cnetral hub" of all my links out, like to here and whatnot. It's at:

Bad things in life

I'm angry and anxious because we don't ever seem to have enough money.

People won't buy my eBay crap, even though it's rare stuff priced decently.

I'm worried that Zoro might lose his job soon - the big company he works for is doing a special promotional deal for sales, and the new boss guy said there will be layoffs. Again. Like every @#$%-ing year. This is not new for them, but he finally got hired full-time again w/benefits, so CRAP.

We need to go to doctors (many of them) before he might get fired. I'm not social, so this worries me.

We need to fix our house, but can't because we don't have enough money to do anything.

Our stove is broken (the inside part), and winter is coming. I want to cook and bake!

My computer broke. I haven't drawn on the computer for months. IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY.

I'm depressed (bipolar). I've lately been sleeping all day and sometimes all night, too.

My bloody noses have gotten worse along with my allergies. I have a few (2-6) a day, which wear me out a lot.

Migraines. 'nuff said.

I have sciatica. It hurts when it rains, which is my favorite weather aside from snow. It will never go away now that I have it, which depresses me a ton.

I'm 100, maybe more, pounds overweight because of the physical and mental issues I have. It sucks.

I used to love thunderstorms, too. But again, tornadoes mimic thunderstorm conditions (high winds, yellow sky, bad weather) so now I'm afraid for that when T-showers hit, cancelling my enjoyment of another thing I used to love.

I miss the ocean (and hate where I live). 

I miss my parents. 

I miss my grandfathers and my dog that passed away.

Good things in life

I love playing Minecraft & Animal Crossing: New Leaf. (Obsessing over monotonous tasks like collecting and/or designing helps my brain in bad times).

I have an awesome husband, and two dogs that I wouldn't have if I hadn't moved here.



My beautiful "special place" room, made to look as ocean-worthy as possible. I can relax in there as much as possible.

Plutos-Eden Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Elly, you are an awesome person and were the first user to greet me on Roli. I live with people who suffer from depression, so although I have not been through it, I have seen the difficulty that my loved ones suffer with. I know it isn't easy to struggle with, but I wish you the best in your fight! We love you!
TrippingDownStairs Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
*hugs tightly and gives all the love and support she can*
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