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Yeah, so... haven't posted anything in ages because my computer died. I lost everything on it - although I do have an external hard drive I back important things up with, so it wasn't that bad. The bad part is, I can't add my drawing programs to Zoro's computer, and I can't access the scanner as well as I used to, so even sketching is out for posting for awhile.

Kinda bummed.

Oh, and for all those out there that have ever wished they wanted "super powers"? 


It sucks. 

I'm what they refer to as - and I didn't even know this had a name until we researched like crazy, thinking something was wrong -- a "SLIder". I short out anything electrical, I mess up the WiFi in our home when a program we're watching makes me angry/overly happy, and more. I can't even touch anything plugged into an outlet, as I discovered last night when I tried to plug my fan in when I was depressed and I blew the entire thing. I now have a dead outlet in my room. 

Zoro does not have a single problem when he does things, watches things, or touches things. It's seriously me. I pop light bulbs and everything. It's getting frustrating as hell, and it's so STUPID - it's like the worst "talent" ever.

The Darkest Timeline

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 12, 2014, 11:11 AM what Zoro & I are calling this year. Honestly, it's been the worst year we've ever had since we got married (and that's saying a lot, since he got fired once and we had serious money issues when we first got married way back 8 years ago - 9 year anniversary soon, by the way, heh).  The major appliances breaking, the car, his grandparents getting worse & worse, my multiple illnesses getting worse... and now, MORE ILLNESS.


Yeah, so now I have sciatica. It's BAD, boys and girls, women and men - super bad. Like, can't sit, can't stand, nothing feels okay sometimes. I'm heavily padded on the couch, can't sleep without more pillows propped between the knees (I already slept with one crushed under my ribs because of a serious injury from years ago). 


This has to end.

Anyway, that's why my shit's been sporadic at best, and sometimes I haven't been answering messages. It's hard to draw or write because I can hardly sit down. Ffft. I do plan on losing weight, which should help a bit, and maybe with that I can draw more. Writing has been a little easier, as I have tons of rough drafts on my hard drive & external anyway. xD

Crossed fingers and all that for us xD Hope things get better, 'cause when I say "they can't get worse" they... well, keep on going.

The Nekomatart

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:20 AM

Buy what the demon cat dragged in, and then feed it and customize your critter to your heart's content! 

Rules & Tips/Guide

Each creature will be encased in a "pen" with their stats showing to the right.

Each creature will have at least three forms (including the first). There may be more, but there will not be less. They all start out white, with a white pen. 

You can stop feeding or decorating your creature or their "pen" at any time, or keep right on going! 

Certain items and/or foods change the way creatures look depending on the species. 

Surprises are fun, but don't worry: anything you have given your pet that does not make a status change will be saved, in case you want to try again (on the same pet).

You can always switch back 1 stage by buying a reverse potion (red clock). You can advance 1 stage forward by giving an evolution potion (blue clock).

There is no limit to decorations, color dyes, or markings for your creature(s). 

There is no limit to how many creatures you can own, though there are a limited number available of each. 

You may gift someone else a creature! Simply fill out the appropriate areas on the adoption papers.

When ordering a creature or interactions (decorating, feeding, etc) please use the form (found below)

Please donate via the Points System to pay for your creature(s) and item(s). 

Creatures Available: wolf (+5)

sample (click!): 
Boofer: owned by Elly by ellysketchit

Purchase Form

Your Username on DeviantArt
Gifting? Y/N (if so, mark yes and place their username here)
Creature Adopting (what species?)
Creature Name
This is an Active Creature, I want to Decorate/Feed! Y/N (for those that are not buying new creatures but playing with already-purchased ones)
Feeding/Giving (what food/item/s?)
Decorating Creature (what dye/tattoo, etc?)
Decorating Pen (what paint/wallpaper/prop?)
Change name of creature or Owner (costs 1 point per. Enter different name/s here)
Hidden from General View (costs 10 points. Your creature will not be shown in my Gallery, but sent to you alone via the .stash system. You may then save it before it is deleted. This is for folks that want to remain anonymous or not have their pet designs copied by others.)

Thanks! Please use the Donations System to give me points. After you've paid in full, I'll get right to work on your adopted creature and send them to you ASAP.

I has many sads

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 8:49 AM

Harold Ramis has died. (Yesterday, actually, but it seems the media is going to cover it today).

Ramis -- the director of "Caddyshack," "National Lampoon's Vacation" and "Groundhog Day," co-writer of "National Lampoon's Animal House" and co-star of "Stripes" and "Ghostbusters" -- died Monday at 69, four years after contracting the condition

Internet Movie Database (watch some of his stuff, it's good):


Journal Entry: Tue Feb 18, 2014, 12:18 PM

Yeah, I'm fixing up my profile page. O__o It may take awhile...

Why Etsy Sucks

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 24, 2014, 10:05 AM

Don't get me wrong, I loved Etsy so hard ... for awhile.

I had to leave eBay because of the cheating buyers, since eBay believes them and punishes me for doing a good job. Which, by the way for each neutral feedback (2) and negative (1) on an account with over 1,000 positive feedback, I could prove

Anyway: I collect lots of Pokemon things. Everywhere on eBay Pokemon is listed as "Vintage" when it's old, and I didn't think twice, just put it up on Etsy as Vintage, thinking it was. But it's not - by two lousy years. Vintage means 20 years old, and my old Pokemon stuff is 18. So I get an email warning me I'll be suspended if I don't take it all down.

I check on Etsy, and LO AND BEHOLD instead of 1 page of stuff where it's mostly my items, there are now 2 of "vintage" Pokemon. Clearly, someone wanted to eliminate the competition and reported me. But yes, I did break the rules. I'm mad at Etsy because they very deliberately let some people slide while they pick on others.

You can find hundreds, if not thousands, of Made in China shops that sells thousands of factory-made things. You can find the same folks anywhere in the world that sell copyrighted images they've stolen for their own use, as well as tons of anime crafters that sell their own versions of Pokemon sculpted in Fimo or Sculpey - yes, those are also illegal. But why pick me? I've reported tons of shops on Etsy that are blatantly disregarding the rules, and nothing happens to them!

Other blogs and articles about how bad Etsy has gotten:………

Other ideas for shops/services to use instead of Etsy:………

I think...

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 20, 2014, 2:07 PM

...I'm slowly getting better!


For serious, it's been a trip and a half, getting sick, then better and then back to sick again. For several months. >_< But lately I'm starting to feel like this latest virus will pass & all will be well. 


I think I may be just hopeful xD

OC x Zoro Request Info

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 17, 2014, 9:55 PM

*Oooops, for got to mention that this isn't like a command, "GIMMEE" lol. I just wanted to have this here. Although if folks want to draw this, it's cool. xD Just be aware that I don't do OC x Zoro requests back - hypocritical? Maybe, But I know my nature :p


This request contains fanart of a grumpy male (from an anime/manga I do not own) with a female (my original character I do own) that he loves very much. But, because he's just so manly *snerk* he can't admit it openly and/or gets embarrassed easily in romantic situations and still looks somewhat grumpy. However, he is quite possessive of her and will get his back up if he spies anyone that he thinks questions their relationship. 

He also calls her "Stupid Cat".


Romance/erotica fic (to get an idea of how they interact), more in gallery:

The weird OC ship I created at one point:

Elly Sketchit:

Human form: Pale, rounded hips and a large nose. Her eyes are purple. She has purple hair that wings up on the sides and two long, elfin locks that precede her ears, whether human or feline. 

Roronoa Zoro:

Roronoa Zoro with Chesire Nekomata by ellysketchit  .
Human: male, tan and well-built with chest scar (and in later seasons, a left eye scar). Short green hair. Can be drawn with or without his left eye as seen in some images. Has scar across chest (if drawing shirtless) and has three dangling gold clip earrings in left ear. Has scars that encircle his ankles from where he tried to slice his own feet off at one point as well. 

Can be drawn without swords for requests. 


Journal Entry: Fri Jan 17, 2014, 5:35 AM

Wedns., got barely 4 hours of sleep due to cold. Thursday, now, wake up after less than 3. MY THROAT FEELS LIKE IT'S GOING TO BREAK OFF, ALONG WITH MY JAW, and smash into a million pieces on the floor. My ear feels like it's going to BURST as well. There are many things wrong with me. So very, very many. And it's like, the 4th or 5th time I've been sick since this winter!


This cannot be what it's like as I get older. I will go INSANE

Aw, crap, man, and Zoro went to get over the counter meds tonight with the checkbook, and the hell. I need the doctor again it's so bad. ;___; NOT going to make him happy. Oh and yeah? He's better already. Slept like a log, barely said anything, no runny nose, etc. ARGH. He's not that much younger! My immune system is dead!


No new content in ages!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 2, 2014, 6:12 PM

Hasn't been any new content here lately, 'cause I'm depressed and whatnot.


Etsy Feedback Issues

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 21, 2013, 11:51 AM

Why the @#$% are all these sellers begging me to "reconsider" my negative feedback?

You made an item that wasn't worth it. If it was crappily crafted and has holes in a sewn plush, black thread where there is white fabric (WTF seriously), etc. etc, then it's not your customer service I have an issue with. You wrapped it prettily, for the most part everyone does, with frills an confetti and freebies and crap. BUT I DON'T CARE if the item arrives and it's shit! You're the artist - if you feel an item "isn't good enough", then don't list it or say that you feel it is an inferior piece.

I recently gave negative to someone after their plush was shit (popped seams, heavily hot-glued plastic nose, black thread where white fur was, etc.) It was hideous. The seller tried to beg me on etsy to retract, and when I did not they sent me a hideous "free gift" in the mail, once again begging me to retract the feedback. They're now trying to guilt me into doing it, saying I hope I have a "change of heart"!

@#$%! No! 

The fact that you said it was one of your "first" pieces and "I'm doing much better now" WAS NOT SAID IN THE LISTING. In fact, you wanted 60% more for the damned thing when you first listed it! And then even at 60% off it wasn't a bargain. I'm doing you a favor. You think I'm a terrible person, but I'm telling you, your work wasn't good enough to stand up to other artist's standards. My mother has made me plushes throughout my life. None of those ever popped a seam or had any issues - even though a five-year-old played with them really hard (I loved stuffed animals back then like I do now of course!) But this woman won't put anything of hers up for the ridiculous prices you were asking, even though she is an immaculate seamstress. It sickens me. If you KNEW the listing was for "your very first" piece, if it wasn't "really all that good", then MENTION IT. Don't make excuses!

Vintage Pokemon in Etsy Shop

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 14, 2013, 8:32 AM

Adding lots of vintage Pokemon toys to my Etsy shop!

Making Friends and being Bipolar

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 12, 2013, 12:09 PM

I haven't had friends in years.

Nope. Not in real life or on the internet (I mean close friends that I'm in contact with at least once a week). I finally hit the "can't trust people" mark. I've had so many friends turn on me, even say they hate me, for reasons that didn't exist except in their minds. And this usually comes at a time when I need friends the most, during times of crisis in my life.

The problem is, I think, that I'm outspoken. One of my nicknames is "stupid cat" for a simple reason - I speak my mind. That's a bad trait for anyone nowadays if your opinions are not politically correct or mainstream. Typing on the internet isn't going to change anything when someone else's mind is already made up. But yet I feel that humanity can't be "that bad", and that maybe, just maybe, I can get someone to see the other side sometimes. I don't want to change people's minds, just have them realize there are valid points besides their own. It's not just a black and white world, a fact that you become painfully aware of as you grow older. And to do this I try to be eloquent (ha!) and cover all the bases. I don't try to be rude, I do not try to "hurt" people or anything like that. I've been younger, yes, and in the past I've been prone to post my anger openly. I'm human, and things still make me furious. 

I am also Bipolar.

Now, that's one of the best buzz-words there is nowadays. It's used so frequently that for me to say it here probably means nothing to you. I don't mean I have little ups and downs or I'm slightly depressed. I mean it affects my life severely to the point of not being able to go outside, drive a car, or work to support myself.

Imagine: I am 37 as I type this and have no outside world. I have no job because I can't deal with the world or people in it. I have episodes every day where I recall painful memories and feel them all over again. I suffer from mania (hyper irritability and moods) and depression (extreme lows where it's hard to even breathe). This affects my thinking ability - I can't give change for a dollar, say, because I have twenty things going on inside my head, all painful in some way. I can't concentrate on the real world because my mind won't let me. And if I somehow can focus, I'm paralyzed by the fear of "doing something wrong" and "ending up like last time".

That said, the last job I had ended the same as every chapter in my life does. People I thought were my friends pushed me out of my department and tried to get me fired, and the management thought I wasn't working hard enough. In my effort to try and prove I was worth something, that I really was trying my best, I injured myself for life. I seperated the muscles from my ribs on my left side and it hurts to this day (can't sleep on that side, can't drive, aches frequently, etc). 

And why did all this happen? Because a co-worker heard me say, out of context, "I'd rather work alone". She thought I was being a bitch and directing it personally at her. This after spending time with her, giving her kid (I dislike kids, by the way, in general, and hers was a brat) a couple hundred-dollar tickets to Great Flags and toys I had left over, funding her if she didn't have enough money for stuff, covering her drugged ass when she was high at work and not reporting her for it... and more. She hears one damned sentence and instantly I'm the Worst Person in the World. I haven't a clue why - and I tried to apologize to her as well, thinking that if it hurt her somehow, apologizing would help. She said "apology accepted", but once again she lied. Work became more hell than it ever was after that point, for now she "hated" me - trying to prove I was sloppy, that I didn't do enough, that I should be fired. Me! She comes to work drunk and stoned to boot (a lot) and I should be fired?!

Further back, a bulletin board system I had was running great. We were all pals, even met up with some of the people in real life. It was so much fun, but as my life became worse off the internet, my "friends" became controlling and hurtful. My fiance (at the time) wanted sex as rent payment because I couldn't work, and didn't care about me. So I turned to a fantasy world (and guy) that would care about me. Well, that was horrible in the minds of everyone and they wanted me to stop writing, thinking and drawing about him, although it was about the only thing in my life keeping me sane. I was going through a bad time with my illness because no one was supporting me, and it became worse as I did things online to the board I owned and the people there became convinced I was, once again, the Worst Person in the World. Let me state that to this day I am hurt by what occured, although the people that wounded me so deeply probably don't even remember or care what happened. I try not to be hurt, but my mental state is just that way - it won't let it rest. I think, "why? Why did they do this?"

I took off a forum because it didn't get any posts at all. That was the reason - I merged it into another because it never had posts, to keep the forum clean. Someone thought I did it to hurt them.

I didn't have an area where folks could talk about politics or religion, and I wanted such talk kept off the forums (we were an anime/rpg/fun chat board). I was once again a horrible person, and the well-known cry of "freedom of speech" came into play again and again. (Never mind that's a basic rule in almost every forum - you are not allowed to discuss sensitive topics on "just for fun" websites, and it will get you banned). I even created an area to try and cater to their demands, and they didn't care. I was still called "Hitler". For serious.

All the girls turned their backs on me and kept stabbing me every chance they got, even when I tried to be as nice as possible. Thus it was natural that I started chatting with one of the only people that was not cruel to me. It just happened it was a man. He was someone's husband, and the lady was not only insecure, she also "hated" me. So of course I was hitting on him, right? Throwing myself all over him. No. No, I was not, you idiots! He was talking nicely to me when I needed friends. You weren't being my friends anymore. That was why I was talking to him. I honestly didn't like him that way at all, and I am* mystified how these people kept escalating things when I wasn't doing anything wrong!

*The word "am" is not a typo here. I noticed I typed "am", meaning in the present, not "was", because I truly am still amazed at the way things went. It still doesn't make sense to me!

And so on and so forth. Go further back in my life and the kids threw stones at me in school. And worse. 

So go figure - I don't trust people. But yet I have a desire to talk with and be friends with others. I'm just not very good at it because I have this illness and all these past memories of jarring incidents that occured. I haven't even mentioned others, because every time I get involved someplace I get popular and then the hate comes flowing in. After that, it seems like it's mostly just hate. I've looked carefully over statements I've made and opinions that started things, and they're not attacks at all. Nothing I say or do is intended to be a personal attack (like when I was cleaning up the forums so long ago). Folks get so butthurt so quick without considering that there might be a simpler reason for things. 

What you think is "obvious" is not always so.

I left one site, disgusted at the Staff for treating the users like crap and actually changing rules to screw people (me being one of them). A person someplace else offered me to co-run a similar site with them, and I agreed. Instantly I was trying to "ruin" and "take down" the first site in the minds of many, because I obviously wanted it destroyed because I "hated" it. This was an actual statement from someone I once again had considered a good friend.

First off, "hate" is a ridiculous word. If someone murdered my family, I would be predisposed to "hate" them. I do not "hate" a website, or immature people that hurt me, attack me, on purpose. I am hurt by them, because I can't let go, and I try to forgive them. But although I may dislike them, I do not hate them. It is too harsh a word for these matters. There is more to life than selfish people that don't think of others.

1) So. I did not hate the site, I disagreed with the politics and some staff, especially the top staff (Admin, creators, global moderator of the forums).

2) It was "obvious" that this specific person would have wanted the site destroyed if they disliked it, so they thought I would. Just because you would, does not mean I would. I am not the same person as you.

3) I would have loved the site I was working on to become popular, but not for the reason to bring the other down. Once I left that other site, I put all my efforts into making the one I worked on good, not trying to hurt or destroy the other. (By the way it didn't work out, I left the site because of some bad management there before it even opened and my work was never displayed). 

4) I still have an account on the site I "left" and I go there once a week or more. I just don't involve myself to try and make it better, because my opinions were rarely valued/trusted even in the beginning and the top staff dislike me. A lot of users remain friendly to me. But it is a hostile environment in general, so I don't chat in the main areas.


I've since joined a community someplace else and am terrified of giving offense. But I'm slowly trying to get back into chatting with people a little more like I used to.

All of this makes my life sound terrible, I realize, and it isn't. Really. I have a wonderfully supportive and loving husband that is the best friend I could ever hope for. We have a home, awesome pets, great family. I've had my works published on the internet and off, am doing a nice hobby business on Etsy and have a great many good times in my life that I never considered possible. But when I have my "bad" times, these are some of the things that make it impossible for me to function. Today I had to sit down and share some of them. Hopefully, it gives an insight on what I am suffering to those that don't understand what being Bipolar means. Maybe, just maybe, it will make others think twice before coming to an "obvious" conclusion. Please think that maybe, just maybe, the other person has a point. Or maybe they're not as bad as you think. Maybe you're being influenced by others of a community, it's easy to go along when someone is "hated". 


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 25, 2013, 8:55 AM

<da:thumb id="415865230"/>

Etsy has been good to me. Better than eBay, that's for sure - I don't regret leaving that damned site at all. AHEM

Anyway, a new listing I added is quick, cheap (digital, sent to your email), and silly... and it's one I won't have for long. I wanted to see how selling out worked. It seems it does for so many and I never did and don't believe in it, but @#$% - some are making thousands. Can't I make a few bucks?

God knows I need it. This time I've been sick for a week and a half straight. The damned virus isn't breaking up. (We've had TB. confirmed in the area, by the way).


Pokederp. lawl

Pokemon XY: Bad Trader List

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 1:16 PM

I'm always on the GTS and whatnot, trying to complete collections and such. When someone specifically asks for "no nickname" or something I am considerate of their request. Everyone should be. If they are not, and if they constantly break all the polite trading rules, I've been going to the Pokemon Global Link and recording their @#$%ing asses. This is that list.

This is the Photobucket Album, listing all the info. from the traders as it is seen on the website.

REMEMBER, nicknames can be duplicated (don't rip on anyone just because the name's the same!) 

Slammed with bills

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 27, 2013, 12:27 PM

Hey "everyone", we've been getting slammed with bills now - putting our dog down, for one, was $135 we couldn't afford but had to do -- and we need help.

I have many Etsy and eBay listings going up soon, please take a look and maybe bid/buy some stuff. Otherwise I don't know how we're going to manage. The links are here or on the bottom on those little coffee cups - and remember, I will take commissions for work.



One more poodle in Heaven

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 24, 2013, 8:39 AM

I have to put my dog down.

The phrase is too much - I never thought I'd have to really, because I always thought that I'd keep him alive until he passed on naturally. But he won't - and he would have been 15 next month (November 21).  I just can't watch him like this anymore. He was with me through so much shit. He was with me when I was going through some  abusive situations with one boyfriend I was living with - the worst time of my life, in fact. He was with me when I graduated college, was with me when I got hurt (for life) from the last place I worked (possibly ever) outside the home, with me when my Grandpa died.

And now he has to go.

I've been crying for days now. But Mr. Prince the poodle isn't very Princely anymore. He can't see out of one eye that's just milky-white with age, and the other isn't great either, since he can only detect faint shadows with it. He goes #1 and #2 on the floor if we don't catch him fast enough (and sometimes even after he's been taken out already). He can't jump up on the couch (for the last few years), he runs into things, gets himself stuck in the smallest, weirdest, most unsafe places, and worse. I know it's time. He just doesn't do anything other than eat and sleep - and he cries when he eats and sleeps, even. Oh, did I mention that, even though he's had the best teeth of any poodle I've ever seen his whole life, they're now nothing but rotten, filled-with-holes black stumps? His breath is like a re-opened grave. For serious.

So this has to happen, but I feel so guilty and bad for doing it. Yet I called today for the appointment. Later this week  I'll be taking him to the Vet for the last time, along with my husband, so I can lose my mind afterward and not have to drive.

Being bipolar, this will be more of an emotional deal for me than most folks (and I know for most it IS a big deal). I've been very sick mentally due to my condition - the worst I've been since I was diagnosed. I felt the need to share why I might be crazier for awhile. Why I might attack folks if I try and go online to distract myself and I see something that strikes a nerve. I know it's a bad idea, but I might need some diversion.

I'll be broken for a long time. I may write/draw too much, or very badly. I ask for some patience, because my temper has been bad of late and if I snap at you, please understand that I'm at my wits end. 

Thanks to everyone that may reply.


I got a male Furfrou - coincidence, Pokemon comes out with a poodle Pokemon just now?! -- and named him "Mr. Prince". Will be leveling him up in-game. If you wanna friend me so I can nab more Pokemon and distract myself more, my 3DS friend code is: #5086-0667-2861

I'm EllySketchit playing Pokemon X - ha. 

Etsy Shop Stocked!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 10, 2013, 2:11 PM

Yeah, I decided to stock my Etsy shop up again, since eBay's being a butt and won't give me any free listings.


Come on in and take a peek, I even have a Bargain Bin section now!

eBay Shipping and Handling Explanation

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 7, 2013, 1:33 PM

Cannot understand why I can't put this as an essay, but the images won't work when I do. So this has to go here. Bleah.

I'm a weary hobby seller on eBay.

I started on a different account back when eBay started (which I gave to an ex when we split up). This usually has its ups and downs like any life experience. But eBay has turned into a nightmare for sellers lately. There are many reasons why it's tough for us now, but this essay will focus on one area: shipping and handling.

Buyer problem:

Buyers want to pay exactly what the shipping cost is and nothing more.

Seller problem:

Sellers need to make money on eBay to continue selling on eBay. Not charging for all the extra costs we incur means we lose money.

I mean to show buyers what happens when you sell on eBay. Quick and to the point, here is an item I recently sold where I received neutral feedback because, as the buyer put it, "Shipping too high priced and slow."

I will prove here that it was not too high priced, and it was shipped within my limits shown on the eBay page - faster than the highest time estimated, in fact!


As a buyer, you need to be aware of all the information readily available to you on the auction page itself. Look at the details, because both eBay and I are telling you what you will pay:

#1:  the item will be shipped to you for $9.00 standard shipping, which means first class.

#2: the item has a 5 day handling time, which means it does not ship out immediately. The date shown is when it should arrive at your home. The buyer who left me neutral complained that a single week - 7 days -- was "too slow". In fact, I could have shipped in 10 days and been on course with what the auction very clearly states is normal.

Moving right along, if you somehow missed the bright orange letters eBay has used to show you the handling time I have on my auctions and how long it may take to get to you, there is yet another section within the auction itself.

#1: Click this, and it takes you to the next image, shown below.

#2: click this clearly marked, colorful section, and it takes you to a page where I explain all my seller practices, such as shipping and handling!

After clicking the "Shipping and payments" section, this is what you find.

#1: this is the shipping and handling price I have listed for the item.

#2: I ship within 5 days after cleared payment, which means if your payment did not clear (meaning, I didn't get any money yet), I don't ship. Sometimes credit card payments do not go through right away, and if you pay by the dreaded e-check, it can take up to a week before the payment clears. You can't walk out of a store with an item without paying - it's the same with my items. I wait until the money is in my account.

#3: "estimated 6-10 business days" means Monday through Friday, not the weekend or on any holidays! I've had buyers complain when I didn't ship on Sunday or a Holiday - and no, they weren't International buyers. They knew it was a Holiday in the USA. They just didn't think because they were too focused on themselves. As you can see, eBay even lets me have Saturday off. And c'mon, now, you get days off from work. I know you do. So why can't I? Erase weekends and holidays, then, from the timeline for shipping. It's perfectly legal and says so right there.

#4: certain times are slow for the USPS. I can ship fast as I can, but during the Winter holidays, for instance, the items are not going to ship as quick as they usually do. This isn't my fault. I do not control the shipping of your item in the USPS' system, I do not work for them, and I do not personally deliver it to your door. If it says on eBay that I sent the package within the time that I should have, then I have done my part and should not be penalized for something I can not control.

#5 once again, the handling time is shown, in case you missed it the bunch of other times it was shoved in your face. It even tells you that "the seller has specified an extended handling period for this item." This means it will take longer for me to ship it to you.

I've now shown that I sent the item within the time estimated on the auction page, which says I did my part of the bargain well - better, in fact, than the 10-day estimate. In my book, 7 is a smaller number, right? Always, always, count the days and make sure what the auction tells you. I get a lot of complaints about "slow" shipping when I ship within my allotted times. To a buyer, "yesterday" is too slow. I say that if you get an item that is rare for less, one you couldn't find anywhere else, and it's in good condition - who the hell cares if it isn't there the second you paid for it? Patience is a virtue, and a week is not "too long" to wait!


Let's address the "shipping too high priced" part now. You will almost always pay more than the exact cost for shipping on eBay or any online store. Inexperienced folks may not charge a fee or not care, but someone selling for profit needs to do this, and I will show you why now.

I charged $9.00 shipping (and handling).

Standard shipping (first class) was $4.30 for the item. The buyer knew this (perhaps the price was stamped on the outside of the box), and quoted it, saying the extra was "unnecessary" or something like that.

$9.00 minus $4.30 = $4.70. They thought that the extra $4.70 was "too much" and they should be refunded the amount. Let's show the world what I paid to earn that $4.70, shall we?

As you can see, I paid $1.50 for eBay's "final value fee" and then, $.90 cents for daring to charge shipping.

(This equals $2.40 cents so far).

Paypal time! Paypal then charges me $1.00 for using their services.

(Now this makes what I have paid $3.40 cents).

After this, I need to pay for tape and boxes that I pay for. Yes, I use as much recycled items as I can, but I do pay for items myself. This means I must charge for them in every auction to make that money back, otherwise I'm just bleeding costs and I will not make any money.

Here's what I usually buy - small boxes. As you can see, on sale they cost $22.94.

But as #1 shows, I normally buy them for $25.43.

And yes, the screenshot is taken from the shop where I normally buy them! 25 boxes, 25 dollars. This means 25 buyers will pay $1.00 extra for their new, sturdy box.

(Now this makes what I have paid $4.40 cents).

Add in packing tape (not including the time I put in doing all of this!), and it goes over $4.70 in fees I have paid to make this item available to you.

I have clearly not overcharged. I need to recoup that money, or I'm paying out of pocket for it!

eBay is about me getting money back for the items I am selling. I need the money to keep listing. If I don't make money, I can't make the items available to you to buy. In most cases, I'm selling the items for less than what I paid and less than what everyone else is selling them for as well. So I'm losing money anyway, and then I need to lose more because you want to pay even less for something you paid less for anyway? And sometimes, for a rare thing you can't find anywhere?! You should be happy you found it!

Please think.

The next time you go to give a seller neutral or negative feedback over shipping times and costs, give it a second thought. Think about it. Think, look, read. If it wasn't the seller's fault, don't just blame them.